Real Madrid or Bayern Munich?

Pre-game commentary

As an FC Barcelona fan, it has been difficult to decide who to root for in the semifinals. Of course as a faithful cule, I want Pep's men to reach the final and defeat Chelsea. However, defeating Chelsea is not the only worry weighing on a Barca fan these days. Do we want another Clasico? Or do we want to try to beat a powerful Bayern Munich at home?

What is happening now?

The first match is now being played between the two sides. Bayern has already scored in the 18th minute while Madrid appears to be struggling against a powerful Red side. Speed and good positioning seem to be weakening the merengues, while missing opportunities to equalize the score. There is still much left in the game, but right at this moment Barcelona fans are watching in anticipation to see who takes that first step into the final in Munich.

Another Clasico would surely be an attractive Champions League final for anyone who admires the lovely sport. However, is another Clasico really necessary? That is up to you, fellow football fan, to determine that. However, many fans are torn for who to root for. Their bitter rivals, in order for a possibly simpler rival, or a team with extreme strength at home. An intense rivalry is always interesting to see, and not only is a Champions League title at stake, but never ending humiliation is also a possibility...

Bayern Munich is known to have a vibrant stadium. Not just because of its structure and architecture, but because of its fans. The Bayern fans never disappoint. With a seemingly always filled stadium, the fans never seem to have a dull moment. From drums and flags, to singing and clapping, the fans do it all throughout the whole match and beyond. Will Bayern keep up the 1-0 lead because of their vibrant fans? Or will they crack under the pressure of the spot light and concede a goal at home? More to come after the match concludes...

Here's how Franz Ribery celebrated the first goal:

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Post match commentary

The match ended in Bayern Munich's favor. With a 2-1 crucial victory, Bayern will now be able to have a slight advantage at the difficult home of Real Madrid, the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid, however, also has a slight advantage. With an away goal, Madrid must not concede a goal and simply tie the aggregate score 2-2 and will be able to obtain the golden ticket to the final in Munich.

Bayern must come out strong and score and away goal in order to have the upper hand from the beginning. Both teams have strong strikers. Bayern has Mario Gomez and Frank Ribery as their secret weapons while Real Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. One thing is for sure, both teams' defense will have their work cut out for them as they have strong offense teams to deal with.

Does Madrid now have an even greater advantage after winning the Clasico?

Madrid beat Barcelona at home 2-1 and has the league almost secure as there are only 4 matches left in the season. With this win, will Madrid use it to their advantage as a confidence booster against Bayern on Wednesday? Or will their confidence get the best of them? Tune in on Wednesday at 1:45pm Central time because the 2nd leg will surely bring controversy and excitement to the table.

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