Omar 'El Gato' Ortiz: A Stain Impossible to Remove

There have been many incidents where a soccer player goes out one night, goes crazy, and ruins his image but fans forget about it within a few months. This, unfortunately, is not the case for Omar 'El Gato' Ortiz.

During the Monterrey-Jaguares match, a mere 13 kilometers away, Ortiz was being presented to the authorities as an associate to a cartel known as the Cartel del Golfo. He pleaded guilty to having helped with at least two kidnappings in the past months during his suspension from Mexican soccer after having tested positive during an anti-doping session.

The player was facing a 2 year suspension after having failed an anti-doping test while with Monterrey FC. President Jorge Urdiales admitted the other day that, "He was not going to come back with the team after his terminated suspension." Shocked and in awe, players in the Mexican league spoke out about the former goalie. Keeper Jesus Corona said that, "He has stained Mexican soccer. It is truly regrettable."

That is exactly what he has done, he has "stained" Mexican soccer. To see such a familiar face on TV shocked the nation as the drug problem in Mexico has been increasingly concerning in the past couple of years. The fear has now increased for many players, executives, and fans as they realized that it could have been anyone involved.

Ortiz was not only involved with the Cartel del Golfo, however, he was also involved in the use of cocaine and other recreational drugs while on his 2-year suspension. The 34 year-old became involved with the Cartel because of his use of cocaine which he obtained from their distribution center in Tres Rios. Ortiz reportedly received around 100 thousand pesos (around $10,000) for obtaining information on his victims. He now faces up to 50 years in prison and will, of course, never play soccer professionally again.

For now, the once Jaguares then Rayados keeper will be on house arrest for 30 days before it is decided where the former player will face his penalty. The prison where the player will be transferred will be kept under discretion due to his participation with the Cartel del Golfo.

Tragedy like this one has never been seen in the league. It is really regrettable that such a recognized keeper and one who was once someone to look out for, has thrown away his career.

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