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Jared Goff continues to prove me right, which is not good news for Jared Goff

Weeks ago on the Goofballs podcast, I told my co-hosts and our guest that I believed Jared Goff was a bad quarterback. Not a mediocre quarterback. Not an average quarterback. Not an above-average quarterback. And definitely not a good or great quarterback. I said that Goff was a bad quarterback, bottom five, and I bet them that by the end of the 2021 season that the LA Rams would actually be moving on from Goff.

I may have to amend that to the 2020 season. Or sooner.

Keep in mind that this was on September 11, the first week of the 2019 NFL season — and I was ridiculed for my beliefs, or more accurately my disbeliefs, in Jared Goff.