Seattle Seahawks Rumors & News: Jamal Adams Return? Carlos Dunlap Trade? + Darrell Taylor Update

Seattle Seahawks Today has the latest rumors and news on the Seahawks. The bye week is over and there are some key Seahawks injury updates on Jamal Adams, Darrell Taylor and Colby Parkinson. Plus, could the Seahawks trade for Carlos Dunlap? There’s also Seahawks news on ANOTHER team trying to steal Damon Harrison off the Seahawks practice squad. 

Seahawks injury updates include good news for Colby Parkinson, likely bad news for Darrell Taylor and TBD news on Jamal Adams. Parkinson is back at practice, meaning he’s set to return to the 53-man roster within 3 weeks (or go back to IR, but likely the Seahawks Roster unless there’s a setback). Taylor is running now, but he’s not doing change-of-direction stuff yet and that does not bode well for a return this year. Finally, Pete Carroll was optimistic about an Adams return before the bye week but has yet to commit to him playing vs. the Cardinals this week. 

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Seahawks trade rumors are heating up. Sports Illustrated put together a fascinating trade idea for Carlos Dunlap. But is it possible? In Seahawks news, Damon Harrison is still sticking around. He’s elected to stay on the Seahawks practice squad.

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Here are the Seahawks rumors and news discussed: 
- Jamal Adams Return?
- Darrell Taylor Update?
- Carlos Dunlap Trade? 
- Damon Harrison Staying
- Colby Parkinson Return? 

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