Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Jamal Adams Extension Cost? Not Drafting CB Early? Cody Barton Starting?

Seattle Seahawks rumors with the 2021 NFL Draft nearly here! Does the addition of Pierre Desir mean Seattle won’t go corner in Round 2 (their first draft pick)? And just how much playing time will Cody Barton get this year? Will Jamal Adams’ next contract extension break the bank for Seattle?

Seattle Seahawks rumors include updates on 2 current players: Jamal Adams and Cody Barton. Could Adams command $18 million per year or more on his contract extension? Should Seattle pay that? And is Barton going to start at linebacker this year? 


The Seattle Seahawks signing of CB Pierre Desir could have a major impact on their 2021 NFL Draft plans. The Seahawks, with just 3 picks, have been linked to plenty of corners in Round 2. But the addition of Desir gives them plenty of experienced options. With Pete Carroll and John Schneider NEVER drafting a CB before Round 3, does this mean Seattle once again plans on ignoring the position early this year?  

Seahawks rumors today:
- Seahawks Won’t Draft CB Early?
- Jamal Adams Extension Cost?
- Cody Barton Starting? 

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