Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson Trade Drama, Josh Gordon Return, KJ Wright & Shaquill Griffin Future, Sign Jonnu Smith?

Seattle Seahawks rumors today on Russell Wilson, Josh Gordon, KJ Wright, Jonnu Smith and KJ Wright! Will the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson (no) and what’s the latest on Josh Gordon’s status? Will KJ Wright and Shaquill Griffin return in 2021? And could Jonnu Smith sign in NFL Free Agency?

Seahawks news allegedly included the Seahawks re-signing Josh Gordon, but a new report disputes that. It’s also the opening of the NFL Franchise Tag window today. What will the Seahawks do with CB Shaquill Griffin? 


Russell Wilson trade rumors just won’t stop, even though the Seahawks aren’t trading him this offseason. But there are new Seahawks trade rumors about the potential cost of a trade. 

Seahawks rumors also include possibly signing TE Jonnu Smith in NFL Free Agency. Plus, what does the future hold for LB KJ Wright? His comments don’t bode well for a return. 

Seahawks rumors today:
- Russell Wilson Trade?
- Josh Gordon Return?
- Sign Jonnu Smith?
- Tag Shaquill Griffin?
- KJ Wright Future?

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