Seahawks Rumors: Jamal Adams Extension Cost, Sign Paul Richardson, Cut Carlos Hyde And Russell Wilson Future?

Seattle Seahawks rumors and news today focus on the futures of Jamal Adams, Russell Wilson and Carlos Hyde. But there’s also interesting discussion around signing Paul Richardson instead of Josh Gordon and growing buzz around Alton Robinson. 

Seahawks rumors around Jamal Adams’ contract are heating up after the Cardinals made Budda Baker the highest-paid safety in the NFL today. Adams & the Seahawks are prepared to wait on a deal, but just how much will Adams get? Paul Richardson is a free agent, so could Seattle add him in free agency? 

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Russell Wilson recently said he wants to play at least 10 more years. But can he get to his target of 15 (!!!) more years? That would mean he plays until he’s 46. 

Seahawks training camp updates today are on Alton Robinson. The rookie from Syracuse is getting hyped by Pete Carroll and more, but is the hype train getting out of control? 

Seahawks news will emerge as roster cuts happen. Two … well, we’ll just call them interesting ones, are cutting Carlos Hyde and Lano Hill. A Hyde release would be unexpected and host Tom Downey argues foolish. 

Here’s the full breakdown of Seahawks news and rumors from today
- Jamal Adams Extension Cost?
- Sign Paul Richardson?
- Cut Carlos Hyde?
- 15 More Years For Russell Wilson? 
- Alton Robinson Hype Train
- Cut Lano Hill? 

Tom Downey is the Senior Writer & On-Air Host at Chat Sports. Please follow him on Twitter @Whatgoingdowney. 

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