Seahawks Rumors: Trading Russell Wilson, Drafting Josh Allen, And Colin Kaepernick's Workout Postponed

Get all the latest Seattle Seahawks rumors and news including Russell Wilson trade rumors, Seahawks postpone Colin Kaepernick's workout, and do the Seahawks plan on drafting QB Josh Allen?

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Your host of the Seahawks Report Jordan Giorgio takes you through all the latest Seahawks news and rumors!

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Check out the complete list of Seahawks news and rumors below in the latest edition of the Seahawks Report with Jordan Giorgio:

-Kaepernick's workout postponed
-Meeting with Sebastian Janikowski
-Seahawks sign Dontae Johnson
-Cole Madison to Seahawks?
-Interest in QB Kyle Allen?
-Seahawks scout Josh Allen?
-Trading Russell Wilson?
-Interest in LSU basketball player?
-Plan to take RB in 1st Round?

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