CHECK IT OUT: Marshawn Lynch's Mom Kinda, Sorta Apologizes For Her Postgame Comments

Unless you've been living in radio and TV silence for the past few days, you're aware of the stir Marshawn Lynch's mom created by putting Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on blast for being, in her words, the "worst play-caller ever" -- this following a beyond-obvious 4th and 1 dial-up for Marshawn that was stuffed to seal the Seahawks' overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams in Sunday's season opener.

Delisa Lynch addressed her criticism of Bevell and his "dumb azz play" call on Sunday in a apology-ish statement released on Thursday to the press.

Via NBC's Pro Football Talk:

“I’m a fan of football first and foremost, when I watch the game I view it through the eyes of a fan and then a Mother,” Delisha Lynch said. “I’ve been going to my kids games and practices for years and not only do I love the game, but I love analyzing it also. I don’t discuss football when talking with my son, I discuss life and other things. I realize that as a mother of a player my views will be received differently than the average fan, and I acknowledge that Facebook may have not been the best platform to display my views, but I love the Seahawks just like all the other 12’s, so when I see a 4th & 1 ran out of a shotgun formation against a good Rams defensive line, as a FAN it makes me wonder what the coordinators logic was.”

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