Seahawks Rumors: 3 Free Agents Seattle Should Avoid This Offseason

We don’t need to re-hash how the 2014 season ended, but let’s just say the Seattle Seahawks are very close to where they need to be to win another Super Bowl.

It’s a bit of a surprise, then, to find out that they actually have a fair amount of cap room before roster cuts. While they can only afford one big-name target who isn’t already on the roster, the Seahawks have some room to maneuver in free agency…but the wrong signing could send Seattle in the wrong direction. Here are the players they should avoid this offseason:

WR Eddie Royal

The Seahawks would like to find a top notch receiver since they've been relying on a core of largely unheralded players. Royal is one of the more underrated wideouts in the league, but he's another slot receiver that has the playing style of guys Seattle already has. They'd like to find a big receiver to give their offense another dynamic, so they shouldn't give Royal a serious look.

DE Greg Hardy

This one is pretty obvious - taking a flyer on Hardy after his domestic violence charges were settled in a civil suit to invest even a fraction of Hardy’s $13 million franchise tag value from 2014 would come with intense scrutiny and major risk. The Seahawks would like an upgrade on the defensive line, but Seattle will be better off finding 80-85% of his talent with 90% less baggage on the free agent market.

RB Ryan Mathews

Seattle is in the market for another running back to pair with Marshawn Lynch, and Mathews is one of the bigger names on the market. He has been productive in his young career, but had dealt with numerous injuries and was limited to just six games last season. The injuries will drive the price down for Mathews, but the tag will still be relatively high. The reward just doesn’t outweigh the risk for the Seahawks given the amount of money they’d have to spend on him.

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