3 Reasons Why The Seattle Seahawks Will Win The NFC West In 2017

It's been three years since the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, but they've won the NFC West three of the last four years and are still one of the NFL's elite teams. While they have their sights set on hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, their initial focus is on winning the division again. Here are three reasons why that is guaranteed to happen this season:

3) Russell Wilson's greatness

Russell Wilson's athleticism and on-field decision making are fantastic enough. However, it's his unflappable confidence and beyond-his-years veteran presence which puts this team over the top. There's no quarterback in this league who goes about his business quite like Russell Wilson does, and that uniqueness is essential to what this whole Seahawks operation is all about.

Last year, he kept them afloat despite a plethora of injuries (including his own), virtually no running game and a bad offensive line. Now that they're healthy and they've made strides to sure up those offensive weaknesses? Watch out.

2) Championship defense

The Seahawks defense has found its sea legs once again after an uneven start to the 2016 season, and that's going to spell trouble for anyone who gets in their way this postseason. Once Seattle gets their intimidating pass rush moving, the Legion of Boom gets that much tougher to shake on the back end.

Richard Sherman, a healthy Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett are still the most feared foursome in today's NFL. Would you bet against this Seahawks defense against any offense going today? I certainly wouldn't.

1) Who's better than them?

Let's go through the other teams in the division, shall we? San Francisco is in full rebuild mode and are about two years away from being respectable, let alone good. The Rams plan to spend the whole year with Jared Goff as their starter (L.O.L.), and the Cardinals didn't make any upgrades to their team after having a terrible year in 2016 - they're clearly on the decline.

All in all, Seattle will win the division going away - it would be a shock if they went anything other than 6-0 or 5-1 against these teams.

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