3 Players The Seahawks Need To Avoid In The 2015 NFL Draft

We don’t need to re-hash how the 2014 season ended, but let’s just say the Seattle Seahawks are very close to where they need to be to win another Super Bowl. Pete Carroll has built this team on the back of several very successful draft picks, and he’ll be looking to select the next batch of future stars this year. However, having traded their first round pick for Jimmy Graham, Seattle must choose wisely with their selections to continue supplying talent to one of the deepest rosters in the league. With that said, here are 3 Players The Seahawks Need To Avoid In The 2015 NFL Draft.

OT Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M


Seattle is in the market for some offensive line help, a position they should address with their first pick (second round). Ogbuehi is regarded as one of the top 10 lineman in the draft, but concerns abound over his core strength and ability to pass protect. His ACL injury suffered in A&M’s bowl game adds some more doubt over his short term outlook, and Ogbuehi looks more like a long-term project right now. With title aspirations, the Seahawks are better served going after a player with fewer question marks and the ability to make an impact right away, even if Ogbuehi possess great future upside.

 DL Marcus Hardison, Arizona State


The Seahawks can use some depth on the interior defensive line, but without a first round pick, they will likely be selecting from the second tier of lineman - a group that includes ASU's Hardison. On paper, Hardison posted a tremendous season in 2014, but there are skeptics who believe the Sun Devil's defensive system bloated his numbers. Hardison's lack of a track record should be enough of a concern for Seattle to be cautious with taking him too early.

 DT Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma


At 6'6, 334 pounds, Oklahoma's Jordan Phillips is all projection, but not much production. Seattle could take a gamble on adding yet another monster to their defense, but Phillips has a high degree of boom-or-bust to his game and many scouts believe he needed another year of maturity in college. Add in some lingering back issues and Phillips has enough question marks that should make Seattle leery of selecting him. The Seahawks can't afford to whiff on him with one of their first two picks now that their first rounder has been traded.

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