Winning Cures Everything

The Mariners are on a 6 game winning streak as they are currently playing their second game against the Minnesota Twins to try and make it a 7 game winning streak which they have not accomplished since 2007.

From the sun blinding Torii Hunter in center field to clutch hitting and astounding pitching, the Mariners are surprisingly only 1.5 games out of first place! Is this the NFC West or the AL West?

Carlos Peguero and Mike Wilson have really made fans completely forget Milton Bradley by collectively hitting over .280 during this winning streak and Peguero has shown signs of getting better at playing the left field position. Its been ironic that our run producers have been in the bottom of the lineup where Brendan Ryan, Jack Wilson, and Adam Kennedy deserve credit. Even Saunders, although not shown in the statistics, has laid down some important bunts and has been sound in center field.'

If the lineup keeps giving our pitchers 3-4 runs per game, the wins will continue to pile up. Many thought this team would be well below a .500 record before season's end but based upon how the team has been playing of late, we have a chance to reach .500 and we all look forward to adding Dustin Ackley in June.

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