San Jose Sharks off-season rumors

Now that the Sharks have completed their annual early exit from the playoffs, it is time for the San Jose Sharks organization to reevaluate the players and staff infront of them.  For the past three years, the Sharks have entered the season with the expectations set at "Cup or bust," all three years ending as busts.  The Sharks have one of the top rosters in the NHL yet somehow they break down midway through the playoffs.  Now is the time for the Sharks to make some serious changes, because what they have right now is not getting the job done come playoff time.

The first change the Sharks must make is firing General Manager, Doug Wilson.  Doug Wilson has put a great REGULAR season team together, getting them to the playoffs every year since the 2004/2005 lockout.  But the sharks have only advanced past the second round of the playoffs twice and have never made it to the finals.  Wilson has not put together a team that has enough chemistry in clutch situations (the playoffs).  Yet, Wilson somehow seems to keep his job every year.  If Wilson does not make considerable changes this off season, he will have to go.  The Sharks need a GM with a better eye for players who know how to show up big in the playoffs if they want to have any chance of winning a cup.

Next, I know this is going to sting, but the Sharks must get rid of Patrick Marleau.  Yes, Marleau had a stellar post season with 7 goals and 6 assists, but considering he costs $6.9  million a year and he is 31 years old, the Sharks can do much better.  There are lots of teams out there that would love to have Patrick on roster for his speed and agility, and his experience as an NHL captain.  According to our sources close to the Sharks we have heard rumors that the Edmonton Oilers and eager to pick up Marleau this off season.  If the Sharks are to ship Marleau, they would most likely receive a package of players include 2010 first round pick Taylor Hall.  Hall put up 42 points (second on the team) for an abismal Edmonton team that only won 25 of 82 games.  Hall would be a great assest for the Sharks, with his natural goal scoring ability and his youth.

This next trade rumor is one that saddens me dearly.  I have

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