In dire need of some hockey

It is officially that time of year again, that time of year when my skin starts to crawl, and migraines begin to ensue.   It has officially been 33 days since the end of hockey season, and I can't wait another darn second.  The summer so just so damn painful for a hockey fan like myself because there really is nothing to follow.  And I think I am going to go crazy if I have to watch another ESPN highlight reel of nothing but silly baseball diving plays.

So for all the other squirming hockey fans our there, I have put together some of my favorite Sharks and other hockey moments of all time.  Below I  feature my favorite hockey moments of all time.  As you may notice, I am extremely biased in my picks... because, lets face it, I hate the Red Wings just like any other loyal SJ fan.  So I hope this brings back that cold blooded feeling you have so desperately missed over the last month.

Niemi imaletyoufinish, but Nabokov is the best Sharks goalie of all time

I shit you not, I literally fell out of my seat when this happened.

Mwuahaha the Wings got nothing on SJ

This is a few years before Brian Campbell was on the Sharks, but worth a shout-out nontheless

I can watch this all day

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