Here comes October: 5 Things I'm most excited for this season.

With preseason and hockey craziness already underway (The JETS won a game 6-1), I thought I'd post the things I'm most excited for this season. I just got back to California and am headed to the Shark Tank on Friday night, and so with that here we go:

1) Brent Burns. While I won't deny that Marty Havlat is a good player, he will not be as flashy as Burns. Burns will light up people with huge hits and the score sheet with sweet moves (hopefully).

2) The Finnish duo in net. If they stay healthy, they will compete with Bernier and Quick for best tandem in the Pacific.

3) Teemu Selanne. I know he is not a Shark anymore, but seeing him play for the Ducks will still be great. Teemu is a god, one of the best ever. Even if one of his clutch goals comes against the Sharks, I can't imagine the Shark Tank booing him for it. Players like Chelios, Schneider and Messier kept hanging on to a point that was almost sad, but Teemu is still a top player in the NHL in his old age.

4) Beating the LA Kings. (Because they deserve it now more than ever)

5) Chemistry. Both Handzus and Havlat are NHL veterans and will be great leaders, and are not headcases like Heatley. I hope that means the Sharks will be netting tic-tac-toe goals and playing like a team again. Both players will step up the play in their own end and give a big boost to the special teams.

I don't want to jinx anything, but if you want to see what EJ Hradek thinks about the Sharks, head over to

Go Sharks

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