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Joc says ‘Shhhhh’

For about 7.2 innings, this one day stop against the Milwaukee Brewers was shaping up to be one of the worst cross continental layovers. A real over-nighter in the Salt Lake City Radisson thanks mostly to ace Corbin Burnes being Corbin Burnes.

Mr. Burnes spent his evening dotting his cutter on the absolute edge of the plate to both righties and lefties, pushing the boundaries of the strike zone, forcing San Francisco Giants batters to wave at un-hittable pitches, mixing in a late-inning curve, and being generally good at his job.

He struck out 11, walked 2, and gave up a single to Brandon Belt in the first and a 2-out single to Luis Gonzàlez in the 7th, finally knocking him from the game.