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Bruce Bochy is walking the tight rope perfectly

Bruce Bochy is in an odd position, tasked with managing an odd San Francisco Giants team. For a few more days, at least.

There’s a lot to balance. And he has many reasons to not balance it well.

And yet here he is, like those college classmates of mine that were obsessed with slackline (is that still a thing, this old man asks?), adeptly balancing something that most of us could not.

Consider what Bochy has been asked to manage: a beloved, big-market team with rapidly declining attendance rates; the largest collection of players ever to appear on a National League roster, yet with a core of proven, paid players; exciting prospects who need to be developed for years when someone else will be the manager; a team good enough to play meaningful games for nearly five months, yet bad enough to not go all-in on winning.