San Francisco 49ers 2018 Season Preview: The 5 Most Important Games On The Schedule

As the 49ers gear up for mandatory minicamp and training camp, it’s the perfect time to look ahead to the 2018 NFL season. Host Cam Rogers breaks down the five most important matchups for the 2018 regular season, four of which are on the road and two of them against NFC West divisional foes. Find out which games are the most important for this coming season on the 49ers Report.

The video above is from the 49ers Report, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on 49ers Report on Youtube.

Here are Cam’s 5 most important matchups for the San Francisco 49ers 2018 season:
- Home vs. Oakland Raiders (Week 9)
- Away vs. Seattle Seahawks (Week 13)
- Away vs. Green Bay Packers (Week 6)
- Away vs. Minnesota Vikings (Week 1)
- Away vs. LA Rams (Week 17)

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