NFL Trade Deadline: 3 Trades The 49ers Should Make

The NFL trade deadline is nearly here, which means trade speculation is everywhere. While many of those deals won't end up happening for whatever reason, several trades SHOULD happen. The San Francisco 49ers are the subject of many trade rumors, as the team isn't likely to make a playoff run. That makes them the perfect candidate to trade away veterans in exchange for draft picks. With that in mind, here are 3 Trade The 49ers Should Make. 

3) Colin Kaepernick To The Eagles

Let's start with the one least likely happen. There are many issues with dealing Kaepernick, including that starting QBs aren't often traded mid-season. It takes too much time for a QB to learn a new system, which means Kaepernick to the Eagles likely won't happen because the Eagles wouldn't want to take him on. But if the Eagles decide Kaepernick is too perfect a fit for Chip Kelly's offense, the 49ers should jump all the chance to deal Kaepernick. It would be controversial and dealing Kaepernick would be punting on the season. However, it would likely ensure the 49ers the chance to draft a new franchise QB in the NFL Draft. Getting a second or third round conditional pick for Kaepernick would benefit the 49ers in the long-term.

2) Anquan Boldin To The Panthers

Boldin is an aging veteran, and those types of players don't have any value for a struggling team like the 49ers. However, Boldin could help out a contending team that is need of wide receiver help. Because of his age, Boldin wouldn't fetch much more than a late round pick. A team like the Panthers, in desperate need of WR help, would be a perfect fit. This would allow the 49ers to play younger WRs and give Boldin a chance to chase a Super Bowl. It's a win for the 49ers, Boldin and Panthers. 

1) Vernon Davis To The Broncos 

Much like Boldin, Davis is an aging veteran that isn't going to turn around the 49ers' fortunes. While Davis doesn't want to leave, it does make sense for the 49ers to trade him. He's in the final year of his contract and would help a team that needs tight end help. San Francisco isn't likely to get much more than a late rounder for Davis, but it would be worth it. It would allow also the Niners to play Garrett Celek and Blake Bell more. A team like the Broncos could trade for Davis and get an immediate boost at tight end. 

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