Here’s The Point Spread For Every 49ers Game In 2017

The Vegas odds for the first 16 weeks of the NFL season are out, and it's time to take a look at how Vegas thinks the San Francisco 49ers will do in the 2017 season. The 49ers failed to make the playoffs last season and there's a new regime led by head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch hoping to change the team's outlook. 

The odds for Week 17 are not out yet, because of the tendency for team to bench players, so that week isn't counted. With that in mind, here is the point spread for each 49ers game in 2017. 

Week 1: vs. Carolina Panthers
Panthers favored by 4.t5

Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks favored by 13

Week 3: vs. Los Angeles Rams
49ers favored by 1.5

Week 4: at Arizona Cardinals
Cardinals favored by 9

Week 5: at Indianapolis Colts
Colts favored by 9

Week 6: at Washington Redskins
Redskins favored by 8

Week 7: vs. Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys favored by 8.5

Week 8: at Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles favored by 7.5

Week 9: vs. Arizona Cardinals
Cardinals favored by 3.5

Week 10: vs. New York Giants
Giants favored by 4.5

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: vs. Seattle Seahawks 
Seahawks favored by 7.5

Week 13: at Chicago Bears
Bears favored by 4

Week 14: at Houston Texans
Texans favored by 9

Week 15: vs. Tennessee Titans
Titans favored by 3

Week 16: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaguars favored by 1

Week 17: at Los Angeles Rams

Vegas doesn't project a happy season for the 49ers in 2017. The Niners are favored in just one game, which isn't a huge surprise given the new regime and rebuilding season the 49ers are set to have this year. The 49ers will likely win more than just the one game they're favored in. There's a difference between favored and total win projects, which is why Vegas has the over/under on wins at 4.5. So Vegas is expecting a rough year for San Francisco, but at least the future holds promise. 

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