Here Are All Of The 49ers' Undrafted Free Agent Signings

The 2016 NFL Draft is complete and the San Francisco 49ers are already hard at working trying to land a few coveted undrafted free agents. NFL teams start trying to sign these UDFAs the second the draft ends, although the moves won't officially be announced for a few days. 

While most UDFAs end up being little more than camp bodies, there are players that make the 53-man roster each season. The UDFAs all went undrafted for reason, but they all have the potential to make it in the NFL in some role. Sometimes, teams strike gold with an Arian Foster or Tony Romo.

These signings are all just reports at the moment, as the 49ers haven't officially announced the moves, so we've linked the source for each report next to the player's name. We have every player the 49ers have signed below. We've also included a brief write-up about the more notable additions. 

Kevin Anderson, LB, Stanford (Player Twitter)
Alex Balducci, DL, Oregon (Sacramento Bee)
Jered Bell, S, Colorado (College Coach)
Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford (Sacramento Bee)
Demetrius Cherry, DT, Arizona (
Jay Fanaika, DE, Utah (Player Twitter)
Lenny Jones, OLB, Nevada (Nevada ABC Station)
Darren Lake, DT, Alabama (Aaron Wilson)
John Lunsford, K, Liberty (Player Twitter)
Blake Muir, OG, Baylor (Mercury News)
Bryce Treggs, WR, Cal (

The 49ers went heavy on Pac-12 players. Of the 11 players added, six are from Pac-12 programs. That's not a bad thing, as the Pac-12 has some very talented players. 

The signing of Balducci actually gives the 49ers' Oregon's starting defensive line from 2014. The team drafted DE Arik Armstead last year and DE DeForest Buckner this year. Balducci was the nose guard. Had he been healthy this year and played in more games for Stanford, Anderson might have been a Day 3 pick. 

With the 49ers looking for WR help, Cajuste and Treggs have a shot at making the roster, or at least the practice squad. Cajuste is a WR/TE hybrid, and it's a bit unclear what his actually position will be. Still, he has size and could become a red zone threat. Treggs is a one-dimensional deep threat, but could carve out a role in the NFL. 

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