Here Are The 2018 NFL Draft Grades Given To The San Francisco 49ers

The 2018 NFL Draft is in the books, so check out the San Francisco 49ers' 2018 NFL Draft class and the grades given to them by major publications. Many felt that the 49ers had a solid draft overall but could've done a better job. Here's how they fared in the draft grades given by major publications:

Chat Sports
Grade: B-

USA Today
Grade: C+
Breakdown: "Taking Mike McGlinchey at No. 9 would have felt like a huge reach last week, but it became apparent closer to the draft that the Niners couldn't wait to get him. Still, too high a price for a right tackle whose value might have been inflated in a weak draft at the position? Second rounder Dante Pettis adds immediate juice to the special teams, but at 6-1 and 186 pounds may be too slight to hold up at receiver. Third-round LB Fred Warner is additional insurance as the Niners prepare for the extended or permanent absence of 2017 first rounder Reuben Foster."

Breakdown: "I thought the 49ers might pounce on defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick at No. 9. When they took Mike McGlinchey, though, we knew something was up because a starting offensive tackle wasn't a true need. That spot opened up later in the night as GM John Lynch dealt right tackle Trenton Brown (plus pick 143) to the Patriots for the 95th pick. So I see what Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan see in McGlinchey, a big 6-8 tackle who is probably better on the right side. He needs to get stronger. His body type and feet remind me of Andrew Whitworth, who has had a great career after being taken by the Bengals in the second round of the 2006 draft. McGlinchey was the name I heard as the biggest riser over the past two weeks.

"San Francisco didn't have its original second-round pick because of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade -- I think they're OK with how that turned out -- but Lynch moved up in Round 2 (with the pick the Niners got from the Saints in last year's draft) to grab a pass-catcher for his quarterback. Dante Pettis (44) had 22 receiving touchdowns over the past two seasons, and had nine career punt return TDs, including four last season. He's an elite return man who immediately becomes a deep threat for Garoppolo. It did cost a third-round pick, but the 49ers had extras between the earlier Patriots' trade and the Bears moving up to get Mitchell Trubisky last year.

"With the uncertainty around Reuben Foster's future, I thought San Francisco might go after a linebacker early, but it waited until pick 70 to grab Fred Warner, a versatile playmaker who started 42 games at BYU. Kentavius Street(128) is a powerful defensive end. Tarvarius Moore (95) was farther down on my board, but I see the athleticism on tape that could cause the 49ers to fall in love with him. Safety Marcell Harris (184) missed the entire 2017 season because of an Achilles' injury, but he's worth a flier in the sixth round."

Bleacher Report
Grade: B
Breakdown: "San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch took a safe approach for his second draft class. That's not a bad thing, as offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, wide receiver Dante Pettis and linebacker Fred Warner are good players with high floors. They should each help this team immediately.

None of those players seem to have more than above-average positional potential, though. Pettis especially is more of a third receiver than high-impact talent, which would be a big reach at No. 44 overall.

Lynch did take bigger swings after his initial three picks, with defensive back Tarvarius Moore and defensive end Kentavius Street having the athletic background that developmental projects need to possibly pay off in a big way. Most of their picks should make the final roster, and the steadiness of their early picks will make this a blue-collar class."

SB Nation
: B-
Breakdown: "The ninth pick may have seemed early to tackle Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, but if the 49ers didn’t take him, the Raiders would have at No. 10.

"McGlinchey could start his career on the right side, but Joe Staley turns 34 in August. McGlinchey could be his successor. This pick is about positional value. It’s a little bit questionable at No. 9, but it is logical.

"The 49ers moved up in the second round to get slot receiver Dante Pettis with the 44th pick. Pettis excels on short routes where he can utilize quick movement to get open and make a play after the catch. BYU linebacker Fred Warner, taken at No. 70, is experienced and productive. He can play all over the place, and is good in zone coverage where he can utilize his athleticism and length.

"Kentavius Street probably won’t play this season after tearing his ACL at his pro day. But had he been healthy, some thought he might go in the second round. Safety Tarvarius Moore and cornerback D.J. Reed are solid depth pieces for the 49ers."

Yahoo Sports
D+ for the draft, A if you include Garoppolo
Breakdown: "The 49ers march to their own beat. Tackle Mike McGlinchey seemed like a bit of a reach at No. 9, especially ahead of some defensive stars. The 49ers traded up to draft receiver Dante Pettis in the second when it seemed he would have been around later. Kentavius Street came at a discount because of a torn ACL, but he’s a fourth-round pick who probably won’t play as a rookie and the 49ers haven’t had good luck drafting players who slipped due to medical issues. My favorite pick was probably Fred Warner, a versatile and athletic player for the defense. But if you look at the totality of the 49ers’ moves during the Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch regime, we’d have many more questions about them had they not been gifted Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade. But you can’t just yada yada trading a second-round pick for a quarterback like Garoppolo since that’s looking like one of the all-time steals, so …"

Sports Illustrated
Grade: B
Breakdown: "The Mike McGlinchey selection made more sense after Trent Brown was traded. McGlinchey will play right tackle for probably the next two years while Joe Staley, who is still going strong, plays out his recently extended contract on the left side. Some may have been surprised by the selection of Dante Pettis, but entering this draft, San Francisco’s biggest need was simply “skill position.” Yes, if you had to break that down into parts, tight end was probably neediest, followed by running back and THEN wide receiver. But the differences in these needs were small, and a receiving corps of just Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin and Trent Taylor, while well-balanced stylistically, is pretty average overall.

"Fred Warner might be a hedging against the uncertain Reuben Foster situation. Warner, because of his value in coverage (where many of a linebacker’s responsibilities lie these days), could be seen as a possible upgrade over ex-Seahawk Malcolm Smith. But Smith was signed just last year; cutting him in 2019 would bring more than $4 million of dead money against the cap. The five picks after Warner all aim at fortifying the depth of this quietly ascending defense." 

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