VIDEO: 49ers Fan Partially Paralyzed After Brutal Stadium Beating

Two men were beaten while waiting in line for a restroom at Levi's Stadium last Sunday, and one is now partially paralyzed.

The fight began when one of the victims tapped Amador Rebellero on the shoulder to let him know a stall was open. Rebellero and his brother Dario (who both have extensive criminal records, according to the Fresno Bee) then attacked the victim and his friend, continuing to hit them after they had been knocked unconscious:


“These victims were beaten like animals. One of the victims has suffered severe injuries. He has some bleeding to the brain. He has had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure. He is currently suffering some paralysis.” Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Deborah Hernandez told reporters.

Amador Rebollero is considered the primary assailant, and is being held on $350,000 bail. Dario Rebollero’s bail has been set at $75,000. Both are facing felony assault charges.

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