The Rumors Are True...Jim Harbaugh Destroyed A Ten-Year-Old At Laser Tag

Let the rumor mill start buzzing - Jim Harbaugh is a ruthless laser tag player.

During Harbaugh's recent bachelor party, the 50-year-old coach ensured he was victorious in a spirited game of the fake war classic by completely destroying a ten-year-old with "kill" after "kill" after "kill."

Courtesy of MLive:

When the fake smoke cleared and the game wrapped, it was revealed that [Harbaugh] recorded more “kills” than anyone else in the party. Harbaugh won. Because he always wins. But upon further examination of where each person’s shots came from, it became clear why he won in such a landslide.

“All his shots came against this 10-year-old kid,” laughs Eric Bakhtiari, who played for Harbaugh in college and in the NFL with the 49ers. “He just sat there, hunting this 10-year-old kid so he could win.”

There is no truth (yet) to the speculation that Harbaugh will be paying this kid's therapy bills for the next two decades, but we'll keep you posted.


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