San Francisco 49ers players AND fans bring the noise in Detroit

Never in a million years would I ever consider a San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions game an important game, let alone a game worth attending.  But due to some luck on my part, I found myself sitting nearly front row this weekend to a game featuring two of the NFL's best teams (I can't say that without cracking a smile).

I was very excited to go to this game, because not only was it my first time at Ford Field but it was my first NFL game ever (I know, I am a terrible 49ers fan).  As a first time attendee, let me tell you, the Lions and their fans sure did not disappoint.  Their stadium was insanely loud for almost the entire game, and  their fans were cheering, jeering, and plain rowdy for all 4 quarters.  But what was most surprising to me was that there were 49ers fans EVERYWHERE.  I was worried that wearing my red and gold into the heart of Detroit might not be such a good idea, but everywhere I turned there were plenty of 49ers fanatics. Check out all of the red and gold...

What was most surprising about this game was that it was actually a GREAT game to watch.  The Lions started with an early lead, and I was sure that it was going to be a blow out.  The Lions fans loved how many silly penalties we took, and it seemed like we really had no chance.  But with a stout defensive effort in the second half, and some glorious catches form Michael Crabtree, the 49ers were able to pull out a win in the final minute of the game against a very good Detroit Lions team. As a 49ers fan, this moment was especially fun because the 49ers faithful just went bonkers.  Check out out how loud the 49ers fan were (below).

Although I consider myself a 49ers fan, do not expect much more 49ers coverage from me in the near future.  I really enjoyed covering the 49ers this weekend, but my heart lies with my beloved Michigan Wolverines.  So please check back soon to see my next article from the Michigan student section.

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