San Francisco 49ers Update: Who Will Replace Michael Crabtree For Now?

With Michael Crabtree out due to his torn Achilles tendon, the San Francisco 49ers must find a way to get someone who will take over the team’s No. 1 position. For all fans out there, Vernon Davis might be having a good year with this big position to take over.

Davis came off the heels for two playoff explosions with 104 yards against the Baltimore Ravens plus 106 yards and a touchdown when the team was against the Atlanta Falcons. Hence, many were betting on the possibility of the player to have a big year.

Davis is clearly on the No. 1 position with Crabtree staying on the shelf at the start of the season. He has no choice but to play it if the 49ers want to survive the problems that the injury of Michael Crabtree has caused. With the main man out of the strategies already, then everyone expects Davis to start stepping up.

However, the San Francisco 49ers is expecting a lot more from their previous first round pick. He needs to do what he is drafted for and what he is actually capable of doing. If Davis will still be able to render same figures again, then the team can certainly make up for the much needed production.

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