San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Where will Alex Smith Play in 2013?

Updated 1/11/2013 3:10pm ET

With the recent success of Colin Kaepernick, rumors are starting to emerge regarding where Alex Smith will play in 2013.

Assuming that Kaepernick does not have an awful game against the Packers this Sunday, it seems imminent that Smith will be traded this offseason.

Some of the teams most interested in Smith's services are Arizona, Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, the Jets, Oakland and Philadelphia.

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Smith has had a very inconsistent career since he was picked number one over all, but has shown flashes of brilliance in his two seasons with Jim Harbaugh as head coach. It is hard to tell if Smith has actually improved in the last two years, or if it is Harbaugh's coaching that helped him improve.

While Smith might be a popular trade target this summer, look at him as a giant question mark. It is not clear whether or not he will be the new and improved Alex or if he will regress back to his ways from the later 2000's.

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