San Francisco 49ers Playoff Picture

With week 15 all but in the books the San Francisco 49ers and all NFL teams have only two games left. The NFC playoff race is as confusing as Mike Shannahan's skin tone, I mean how does it stay that color? Win, he's bright orange, lose, he's bright orange, tie, again bright orange? Walking out of a press conference, yes, STILL ORANGE! But, that's a separate article all-together.

This article is here to clear up exactly what is needed for the Niners to secure a playoff spot as soon as next week. Lucky for us the Niners playoff situation isn't as cluttered as the NFC. With both the Eagles and Cowboys losing on Sunday the scenario for San Francisco has become much more clear. After their win over the Buccaneers Jim Harbaugh and the Niners are sitting at 10-4. They could have clinched a playoff spot this week with an Arizona Cardinals loss. With the Cardinals outlasting the Tennessee Titans in overtime the Niners have to wait one more week to seal their berth to the NFL playoffs.

Much like this week, all the Niners need to do in week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons is win the game and hope for an Arizona Cardinal loss. The Cardinals travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks who have yet to lose a game at home this season and hold a home winning streak of 11 games. While the Niners host the 4-10 Falcons on Monday Night Football.

What didn't play out for the Niners in week 15 has a good shot at doing so during week 16.

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