San Francisco 49ers News: Yahoo As New Partner For Stadium

The brand new stadium of the San Francisco 49ers is set to have a true Bay Area feel especially when it comes to corporate sponsor. It was announced today that it is Yahoo who will serve as the exclusive partner for all sports content of the 49ers whether it may be about social networking, photos and videos.

This deal will start by 2014 with the opening of the brand new stadium and this partnership is set to extend up to 2023. The fantasy football empire is set to be the most obvious tie in for the San Francisco 49ers. Yahoo will surely have its name on the Fantasy Football lounge along with the two adjacent viewing platforms in its suite tower. The team also has plans to implement the fantasy football right into the game experience in the entire stadium.

Flickr is the one who will be in charge of the photo sharing element of this deal as this site was also acquired by Yahoo way back in 2005. There will be Flickr booths right around the concourse of the stadium so that fans can easily upload the photos they like to be shown right on the big screens of the stadium.

Now, isn’t this one thrilling project to look forward to?

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