San Francisco 49ers News: A Worry-Free Run Of Offensive Linemen

Many were wondering why the San Francisco 49ers did not spend too much time on the high picks for the 2013 NFL Draft yet everyone were excited with the defensive players falling in. The reason behind it: the team has the best offensive line in the world of football.

Every Twitter feed can be told to have lightened up by all fans of San Francisco 49ers each time an offensive lineman was drafted for this just means a different team had taken a pass on the rest of the defensive players.

So what is the measure of effectiveness of their team’s offensive line?

The general rank of their run blocking ability last year reaches a reckoning of 150.4. It was the New England Patriots who came in second place with a ranking of 93.8. They also reach the No.4 rushing game during the last season of NFL with a figure of about 155.7 rushing yards for each game. In short, the 49ers were consistent on this line for the previous season.

In the game of football, it is the offensive line that is deemed of utmost importance when it comes to group positions. And in the coming drafts to watch out for, the big linemen of offense should go to those teams with quarterbacks that won’t be put right on the ground as the San Francisco 49ers remain drafting guys that make new offensive linemen a sure must.

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