Frank Gore Highlights: Happy Birthday!

San Francisco 49er Frank Gore is set to turn 30 and many are saying that he might collapse into becoming a not so useful running back. But that’s how life goes with the NFL right? Even if he was one of the most productive for this year of 2013, many critics still think that he is not a surefire thing anymore. Regardless, Gore tries his best to prove everyone wrong.

We expect him to achieve another thousand yard by next year’s season and even do well a year after that. When it comes to his capacity to endure is uncertain but for sure the 49er will not hit a wall yet. Just like all other players, the day will come when he just had to stop playing football and that’s it.

But until that comes, he will remain one of the most favorite San Francisco 49er of many fans out there.

Watch Frank Gore’s Best 2012 Highlights above by clicking PLAY!

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