Deion Sanders Fires Back At 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh, Cites The "#Truth"

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh heard former Niner and current NFL analyst Deion Sanders' claims of locker room unrest loud and clear, and he responded with an aggressive statement of his own on Monday.

"Personally I think that's a bunch of crap," Harbaugh said of Sanders' report that anonymous 49ers players want him "out", per a report by Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

Sanders, to his credit, stuck by his guns via Twitter on Monday:

Sanders and fellow NFL Network analyst Trent Dilfer have been two of Harbaugh's most vocal critics over the past couple of years, so it's possible the truth lies somewhere near the middle on this one.

However, Harbaugh (and a vocal portion of 49ers fans) remain unconvinced that such a locker room divide actually exists.

"If I've got a good story to tell I'd want to put my name on it," Harbaugh offered. "So I don't put a lot of credibility to the 'unnamed source.'"

Stay tuned.


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