Complete List Of All 49ers 2015 Draft Picks

The San Francisco 49ers will officially have nine picks in the 2015 NFL Draft (scheduled to begin on April 30th), as the team will have seven normal selections and two compensatory picks over the course of the draft.

The team gained those two compensatory selections this past Monday, as the NFL awarded the team picks in the fourth and seventh rounds to make up for the loss of their 2014 free agents. That accounted for two of the 32 overall compensatory picks handed out to 14 NFL teams on Monday.

Without further ado, here's the Complete List Of All 49ers 2015 Draft Picks.

1. First round – #15 overall

2. Second round – #46 overall

3. Third round – #79 overall

4 Fourth round – #127 overall (from the Denver Broncos)

5. Fourth round – #132 overall (compensatory)

6. Fifth round – #151 overall

7. Sixth round – #189 overall

8. Seventh round – #246 overall (from the Indianapolis Colts)

9. Seventh round – No. 254 overall (compensatory)

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