8 Reasons Why San Francisco Is A Better Sports City Than Seattle


Seattle finally ended their 35-year trophy drought, and all of a sudden fans up there think they can sit at the grown-ups table. That dark, damp city up north has a long way to go before they can hang with the big boys - here are 8 definitive reasons why San Francisco is a better sports city:


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1. We have a winning tradition that didn't start this decade

2. Our state-of-the-art stadium is better than your state-of-the-art stadium

3. Tailgating is more fun when the sun is out

4. Our baseball team isn't terrible

5. Our basketball team is trying to move closer, not further away

6. We have weather other than 'Rainy' and 'Chance of Rain'

7. Five rings will always be better than one


8. ...and NOBODY has it better than us.



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