The 5 Easiest Games On The San Francisco 49ers' Schedule In 2016

Every game during the course of an NFL regular season takes its toll, but these next five games are the closest thing to a breather the San Francisco 49ers will get in 2016. Here's our list of the 5 easiest games on San Francisco's schedule this season:

5) at Chicago Bears (Week 13)
Chicago is also in rebuilding mode, and San Francisco could take advantage. The 49ers beat the Bears in Chicago last season when they were the midst of a slump, and there's no reason why they wouldn't be able to do it again.

4) New Orleans Saints (Week 9)
Facing Drew Brees will be extremely tough, but this game is at home. Plus, the Saints defense is absolutely atrocious, and head coach Chip Kelly should be able to exploit that for a big game - especially after a bye week.

3) at Atlanta Falcons (Week 15)
Atlanta is a team in disarray, and even though this game is on the road, Atlanta has one of the worst home-field advantages in the entire league. Kelly should be able to exploit another weak defense in this one.

2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 7)
Tampa Bay is a promising young team, led by Jameis Winston, but they could come out flat in a cross-country game. San Francisco will be hoping that's the case, and they should be a boost from playing at home.

1) Los Angeles Rams (Week 1)
This is going to be the big debut for the LA Rams, but the 49ers surprisingly won their Monday night home opener last year. They could very well do the same this year with the Rams breaking in a rookie quarterback.

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