5 Things We Learned From Chicago's 28-20 Win Over San Francisco

The Bears spoiled the party in San Francisco's Levi's Stadium debut, and the 49ers will head into week three looking for answers.

Halftime Quick Hitters: 49ers Lead Chicago 17-7 In Levi's Stadium Debut

Here are five things we learned from this Sunday Night Football showdown:

5. We Never Thought We'd Miss The Replacement Refs

When it's impossible to go more than two plays without someone throwing a flag, there's something wrong with the rules, not with the players. The disjointed, choppy game that resulted favored the Bears by killing San Francisco's first-half momentum, but it easily could have gone against Chicago on a different day.

4. Chicago's Big-Play Defense Showed Up In A Big Way

The Bears' offense was absolutely invisible in the first half, but the defense just kept coming up with turnovers to keep Chicago in striking distance. In the second half, the offense finally woke up, and Chicago's two interceptions after the break proved to be the difference in the game.

3. Colin Kaepernick Is Not The Finished Article

Kaepernick had a solid first half, but his tendency to roll out and throw across his body got the best of him. The Bears were happy to force him out of the pocket and make him improvise, and Kaepernick's ill-advised throws into traffic played right into their hand.

2. The Bears Are Back From The Dead

After a shocking loss to Buffalo and a listless first half, Marc Trestman's Bears looked like they were down the creek without a paddle. While San Francisco's mistakes certainly helped get them out of jail, this win will help them build tremendous confidence in a very young season.

1. Chicago Deserves Credit, But San Francisco Gave This One Away

Whatever Jim Harbaugh does in the locker room after this game, we're glad we aren't there to see it. He'll be rightfully furious after the 49ers made unforced error after unforced error, and there'll be plenty of adjustments to make after the Niners threw away what looked like a comfortable victory.

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