49ers ticket prices are astronomical compared to Patriots prices this Sunday


49ers fans selling children, taking out pay-day loans to attend NFC Championship game?


It is funny what a decade of ineptitude will due for the pent up demand for tickets that the San Francisco 49ers are seeing for this weekends NFC Championship game vs. the Giants. Compared to the price of the tickets for the AFC game, which the Patriots are appearing in for the 6th time in the past 11 seasons, the 49ers are seeing an extraordinary surge of fans looking to be at the 1st NFC Championship game in San Francisco since January 1998.


For those of you living under a rock, the 49ers host the Giants in the NFC Championship Game and the Patriots host the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game this Sunday. On average, 49ers tickets are 60% more than similar tickets in Foxborough this weekend.


Thanks to our good pals at StubHub for providing the data:


Cheapest Single Seat:


49ers                          Patriots

$324.99                     $191

Upper Reserve        Upper Corner

Row 15                      Row 15


Cheapest Pair of Tickets


49ers                     Patriots

$312 each             $191 each

Upper Reserve    Upper Corner

Row 18                  Row 16



Most Expensive Tickets


49ers                     Patriots

$20,000 each      $2895 each

Section 38            Section 132

Row 6                   Row 5


How does this compare to the most expensive tickets in sports history? Payment company WePay recently broke down the most expensive tickets in sports and, the most expensive ticket ever was last years BCS Championship Game between Oregon and Auburn with prices ranging from $2,760 to $15,000 p[er ticket.


CNBC's Sports Business expert Darren Rovell also has reported that the 2011 BCS Championship Game was the most expensive: 2011 BCS Title follow him @DarrenRovell

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