The 49ers Should NOT Draft A QB In The First Round Of The NFL Draft - Here's Why

The San Francisco 49ers hold the No. 7 overall pick in the NFL Draft, and many expect them to take a QB with that selection. Many mock drafts have the 49ers picking Cal QB Jared Goff, but that doesn't mean the 49ers should take a QB. In fact, the 49ers would be better off not selecting a QB in the first round of this year's draft. Here are 3 reasons why:

3. Already Have Several QBs

The 49ers already have four QBs on the roster in Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick, Dylan Thompson and Thaddeus Lewis. While the 49ers may or may not trade Kaepernick, they don't need to add another QB to the mix. And if the 49ers don't trade away Kaepernick, then there is really no reason to spend a first round pick on a QB. While the jury is still out on Gabbert, he at least showed some promise last season. Thompson and Lewis aren't anything special, but the 49ers could do a lot worse for their No. 3/4 QBs. Plus, Lewis knows head coach Chip Kelly's offense well. The 49ers already have four QBs on the roster, two of whom have starting experience and were high draft picks. They don't need to add another to the mix, especially if they don't deal Kaepernick.

2. Will Be Other QBs Later In The Draft

The 49ers can still add a QB later in the draft if they really want someone. And there will be QBs available in the later rounds of the draft that fit Kelly's system. Oregon QB Vernon Adams immediately comes to mind and can be hand on Day 3. The Niners could even spend a Day 2 pick on a QB like Connor Cook instead of burning a first rounder on the position. That will allow the 49ers to address a different need in the first round. For more 49ers draft coverage, download the Chat Sports App.  

1. Other Needs To Fill

The 49ers have plenty of other needs to fill instead of quarterback. The team needs offensive line help, and could take a tackle like Ronnie Stanley. The 49ers have little at WR, and could take one early. A new running mate is needed to pair with NaVorro Bowman, and UCLA's Myles Jack would be a perfect pick at No. 7 overall. Adding an actually No. 1 CB would be smart, and the 49ers could use more pass rushers as well. San Francisco could even move down in the draft to add more picks for the later rounds. Making any of these moves would be a better decision for the 49ers than taking a QB in the first round. 

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