49ers Rumors: Re-Sign Emmanuel Sanders, Kwon Alexander’s Replacement & 49ers’ Upcoming Schedule | Mailbag

The San Francisco 49ers traded for Emmanuel Sanders a few weeks ago and 49er fans are ecstatic with the results. Sanders has been potent in the 49ers offense. Jimmy Garoppolo and Sanders already have an excellent connection and it is clear why San Francisco made the trade with Denver to bring in the WR. However, Sanders is on the final year of his contract. Should the 49ers resign him now? Host Thomas Mott answers this question and more on today’s mailbag video. 

Kwon Alexander’s injury put a damper on the otherwise excitement of the 49ers 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday. Alexander was playing at a Pro Bowl level and was an achor in the middle of the defense. However, with his torn pec, Alexander is out for the rest of the season. Rookie Dre Greenlaw will fill his spot and will have a lot of pressure and expectations on his shoulders.

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Will the 49ers get a first-round bye? At 8-0 it seems like the 49ers will but their upcoming schedule features tough opponents like the Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Ravens. Host Thomas Mott breaks down what it will take for the 49ers to secure a first-round bye in the playoffs. 

Check out the list of questions answered on today’s 49ers Mailbag:
- Kwon Alexander replacement?
- Concern with the 49ers D?
- Changes to the secondary?
- 2012 vs 2019 49ers
- Extend Emmanuel Sanders?
- 49ers first-round bye?

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