49ers Rumors: New Rookie Signings, Trent Taylor's Breakout Season, And Odds To Make 2018 Playoffs

Get all of the latest San Francisco 49ers rumors and news surrounding three new rookie contracts for Tarvarius Moore, Richie James and Jullian Taylor. Host Cam Rogers provides his analysis on the signings, and breaks down the latest rumors around a possible Trent Taylor breakout season in 2018, the Vegas odds for the 49ers to make the playoffs, and if Fred Warner is the biggest value selection of the team’s draft class. 

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Here's a look at the full list of San Francisco 49ers rumors and news items:
- 49ers sign Tarvarius Moore
- 49ers sign Jullian Taylor
- 49ers sign Richie James
- Trent Taylor to breakout in '18?
- Niners to sign Carson Wentz’s cousin?
- Niners going to be a surprise team?
- Fred Warner was best value pick?
- Niners making playoffs in 2018?
- Richie James to make big impact in 2018?

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