49ers Rumors: Jimmy Garoppolo’s Health, George Kittle To Emerge, And Terrell Owens Skipping Hall Of Fame Ceremony

The latest batch of San Francisco 49ers rumors centering on Jimmy Garoppolo’s long-term health concerns from the national media, whether George Kittle will emerge as a star tight end, and the latest on Terrell Owens skipping the 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony. Plus, as 49ers training camp looms, what position battle is most intriguing? Is Jonathan Cooper in for a disappointing 2018? And will the 49ers add running back depth this summer? Host Cam Rogers breaks down all of the latest buzz out of Santa Clara. Meanwhile, is Jimmy Garoppolo the most compelling story of the 2018 NFL season? It’s all right here on the 49ers Report.

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Here's a look at the full list of San Francisco 49ers rumors:
- George Kittle to be star tight end?
- Reason to worry about Jimmy G’s health?
- Are the 49ers poised for the playoffs?
- WR competition worth watching?
- HOF won’t mention Owens?
- 49ers have 26th best offensive arsenal?
- Jonathan Cooper to disappoint?
- Niners to add RB depth?
- Jimmy Garoppolo the most compelling story of 2018?

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