49ers rumors: Which should be the official San Francisco 49ers anthem?

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As we approach the HUGE game this Saturday against the Saints, many Niners fans have taken it upon themselves to record the "official" 49ers anthem. I have listed the top 5 videos that fans have posted on YouTube claiming that their song is the 49ers anthem. We want you to listen to all the songs and vote which song you want to be the official anthem.

Which is the best 49ers anthem - VOTE NOW!

Rico Dolla - Ima Niner


49ers Anthem - Here Come The Niners


Faithfully (49ers anthem) by S.C.O (Solidarity Co Op)


BAILEY - "Who's Got It Better"


Back in the Bay - 49ers Faithful Anthem


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Here are the runner ups that didn't make it into the top 5:

Q - 49ers Anthem


San Francisco 49ers - San Francisco Anthem


D-How The Money Mayka - The Motto SF Niner Anthem "Solid Gold (49ers)"


49ers Anthem 2011 - Strag


DJ George Ramos - Red & Gold 49ers Anthem

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