49ers News And Rumors: Interest In Odell Beckham Jr., Reuben Foster's Legal Case, And Mock Draft

Get all of the latest San Francisco 49ers news and rumors surrounding Reuben Foster’s legal situation, Richard Sherman and Jed York unblocking each other on Twitter, and if the National Anthem protests are the reason why Eric Reid is still unsigned. Host Cam Rogers starts off with the news of the day, including guard Joshua Garnett shedding 23 pounds to get leaner for Kyle Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme. The rumors include whether the team really wanted Allen Robinson, if the 49ers will draft center James Daniels, and if the 49ers belong in the top 10 of NFL teams right now.

One of the top storylines among these news stories and rumors stems from Jed York’s recent statements on the ongoing Reuben Foster legal situation. No charges have been filed yet, but Foster could face suspension from the NFL. York has said that he will make the final call on Foster’s future with the team. 

In speaking with reporters he said, “I know Reuben is very cognizant of where his position is right now. And his time with the 49ers could potentially be over if he continues to do things outside of the team that aren’t what we want him to be a part of.”  

Here's a look at the full list of San Francisco 49ers news and rumors:
- Jed York: Foster is safe unless there's another misstep
- Guard Joshua Garnett down 23 lbs
- Jed York and Richard Sherman had to unblock each other
- Are the 49ers drafting DB Minkah Fitzpatrick?
- Eric Reid currently unsigned due to protests?
- Pete Carroll & Richard Sherman on bad terms?
- Will the 49ers make a run at Odell Beckham Jr.?
- Are the 49ers the 9th best team in the NFL right now?
- Did the 49ers ever want to sign WR Allen Robinson?
- RB Joe Williams set to have a breakout season?
- 49ers and Iowa C James Daniels?
- Have the 49ers set their starting guards for OTAs?

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