49ers Trade Rumors: Why the 49ers Should Not Trade for Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is an explosive wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns who has shown the ability to be unstoppable at times during his two year NFL career. Gordon emerged in his rookie season as the number one receiver for the Browns. The numbers that he put up don’t jump off the page by any means, but when taking into consideration how bad the quarterback play is for the Browns, Gordon's numbers become a little bit more impressive.  Gordon caught 50 passes for 805 yards and five touchdowns.  Not bad for a rookie receiver playing in an offense that relies heavily on the running game and controlling the clock.

There is more to Josh Gordon than just the production on the field. Gordon was suspended for two games to start the 2013 season for failing a drug test. The suspension was all too familiar for Gordon who was also suspended while playing in college at Baylor for failing another drug test.

The trouble that Josh Gordon went through in college turned NFL teams away from picking him in the NFL draft. Cleveland ended up picking Gordon in the NFL's supplemental draft. The Browns took the risk on him and that risk has somewhat payed off for them.

The San Francisco 49ers on the other hand have suffered two major losses at the wide receiver position over the past season, including the offseason. In week 16 of the 2012 season, 49ers receiver Mario Manningham suffered a torn ACL and PCL. The injury has caused Manningham to miss the rest of the 2012 season and all of the 2013 season. He is expected to return within the next few games and possibly even this week.

During the offseason, Michael Crabtree suffered a torn achilles while participating in organized team activities. Crabtree was coming off a breakout 2012 season where he became the clear number one wide receiver for the 49ers. He has missed all of the 2013 season and is expected to return some time in November or December.

These injuries have caused the 49ers receiving core to be mediocre for most of the 2013 season. The only receiver who has been able to perform well this season is Anquan Boldin. Boldin has over twice as many receptions as all other 49ers receivers combined.

All that being said, the 49ers have shown interest in a possible trade for Cleveland's wide receiver Josh Gordon. The 49ers would be making a big mistake if they decided to pull the trigger on a trade for Gordon.

The Cleveland Browns have placed a huge price tag on Gordon. They are asking for a high draft pick and a player in exchange for Gordon. Any pick in the NFL draft is essential to a team's success, especially a high draft pick.

The 49ers have built their current roster through the draft. Of the 22 current starters for the 49ers, 13 of them were NFL draft picks. High quality talent is and always should be acquired through the draft.

The asking price for Gordon is not worth the production on the field and the problems off the field. This is especially true with high quality receivers such as Crabtree and Manningham set to return for the 49ers this season.

Josh Gordon is not the answer to the the 49ers wide receiver problems. Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham will be the answer when they return. There will be no place for Josh Gordon on the roster once Crabtree and Manningham return and the 49ers will immediately regret giving up a high draft pick and a player for Gordon.

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