49ers Top 10 Moments of 2011

San Francisco 49er fans are used to not watching their team play in the first round of the playoffs, since it has not happened in the last 9 years. Fans are certainly glad to see that number go to 10 because the 49ers have secured a first round bye and will be resting for the divisional round instead of next year's training camp.

Since the 49er Faithful finally have a season to remember, we thought we would help out by compiling the top  10 moments of the regular season. Fortunately the 49ers provided an abundance of moments to choose from, unfortunately that makes this list very subjective. If you feel something is left out or out of order, state your case in the comments below.

10. The Handshake - Who's got it better than us?! Certainly not the Lions.

9. Sopoaga and Staley - How often do you get to see a lineman run a route AND make the catch ... Browns saw it twice!

8. Smith to Crabtree - Who said Alex didn't have an arm!?

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7. Aldon Smith - The Condor's coming out party.

6. Frank Gore - The 'Inconvenient Truth' breaks the all-time 49ers rushing record, passing Joe Perry and Roger Craig with 7,345 yards.

5. David Akers - Can your kicker score 145 points in a season? Oh ya, he can also throw.

4. Justin Smith - Move over Brian Wilson, meet San Francisco's newest closer.

3. Ted Ginn Jr. - Extra special on special teams in Week 1.

2. Delanie Walker - Catches game winning TD in Detroit.

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1. Justin Smith - Another nail in the coffin... Defensive MVP.

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