49ers, Seahawks Fans Come Together To Support Charity


Pretty cool that two fanbases that absolutely despise each other can channel that passion into something good. Seattle Seahawks fans and San Francisco 49ers fans are competing to see which fanbase can raise more money for a Children's hospital in their rivals' city - Seahawks fans are donating to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, while Niners fans are donating to the Seattle Children's Hospital.

In addition to the donations themselves, an anonymous Niners fan is matching all donations from both cities up to $100,000 each (with a cap of 200k) and both teams are also chipping in for the same amount. Thanks to the teams and the generous donor, each dollar donated in each city actually counts for $4.

As of 11am Pacific time on Friday, Seahawks fans have raised $29,117, while 49ers fans have raised $18,003.

Interested in taking part? Seahawks fans can donate here, and 49ers fans can donate here.


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