49ers Rumors: Super Bowl aspirations a sticking point in Jim Harbaugh's 2015 plans?

After a gut-wrenching 38-35 overtime loss to the San Diego Chargers on Saturday night, Jim Harbaugh's time as the San Francisco 49ers' head coach seems all but over.

While the Michigan Wolverines appear to have Harbaugh all but locked up for the 2015 season and beyond, MLive.com's Nick Baumgardner argues that Harbaugh's Super Bowl aspirations could very well cause him to change course:

Like many others, I've spoke with a number of people who know Jim Harbaugh. And almost every time, without fail, the words "Super Bowl" come up when they're discussing his ultimate drive, and what motivates him. The motivation there appears to be achieving success at the highest level the game has to offer. Not because his brother has one, or other "rivals" of his may have one. But because Harbaugh's a football purist, and succeeding on football's grandest stage is what it's all about.

Baumgardner does add that Michigan is brought up in every conversation he has with those who know Harbaugh, with loyalty for his alma mater possibly providing a trump card at this juncture when it comes to his future plans.

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