49ers Rumors Roundup: Von Miller, that Josh Gordon Trade, and More

With less than 24 hours to go before the NFL trade deadline, the San Francisco 49ers are rumored to be after everyone from Josh Gordon to Jerry Rice. Let's sift through the mountains of speculation and BS and see if any of these rumors actually have legs.

Josh Gordon

We've been hearing that Josh Gordon is on San Francisco's wishlist for months now, but there's been no movement on the Gordon front for some time. With Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham close to returning from injury, a Gordon trade makes even less sense now than it did then. The 49ers would have to part with a second-rounder and more to bring Gordon to the Bay, and no matter how we'll he's played since his return from suspension, we don't think they're willing to give up that much with Crabree and Manningham so close to returning. San Francisco might test the water with a late bid, but at this point we'd be absolutely shocked if the Niners somehow land Gordon in an 11th-hour deal.

Gordon is also on thin ice with the NFL - if he fails another drug test, he'll automatically be suspended for a season. With all the disciplinary issues plaguing San Francisco this year, it makes very little sense for Jim Harbaugh make any kind of a gamble. If the 49ers were going to make a move for Gordon, it would have happened months ago.

Von Miller

Von Miller is another name that's been mentioned in today's 49ers rumors - and he's even less likely to come to town than Gordon. We aren't sure who decided that players with legal trouble are all likely to come to San Francisco (and not New England...or Oakland), but Miller is another guy who makes zero sense for a team trying to keep their players out of trouble.

Miller was two hours late for a court appearance Monday, and he was suspended for six games at the beginning of this season after trying to cheat his way out of a drug test. While his talent is undeniable (he was the NFL's top young linebacker just a year ago) San Francisco won't be willing to give up anything for him unless he proves he can stay out of trouble. He's done the opposite so far.

Anthony Dixon

One player who actually could be on the move is Niners RB/special teamer Anthony Dixon. Dixon has been good on special teams and in limited action at tailback, but he hasn't done enough to force his way into the starting lineup. With Frank Gore still going strong and no opening for Dixon in the foreseeable future, the Niners would do well to get something for Dixon while they still can.

The Mississippi State grad won't get San Francisco more than a late-round pick, but that's a solid return for a guy who probably wouldn't even start for the 49ers. There are plenty of teams looking for a wild card they can use on special teams or throw in as a running back if they need a spark, and if the 49ers can find a trade partner, they won't have to think too hard about parting with Dixon.

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