49ers Rumors: Jim Tomsula On A Short Leash In 2015?

The San Francisco 49ers have their wagon hitched to new head coach Jim Tomsula at the present moment, but what happens if the team struggles early and/or often in 2015?

Niners Nation's James Brady sees a quick hire and fire as a possibility if things fall apart by the Bay:

The 49ers are a finicky team at this point. The whims of Jed York are impossible to calculate but I do know one thing: York declared that the new 49ers' head coach would be expected to win a Super Bowl immediately, otherwise things would need to be evaluated. That's a massive declaration and a ton of pressure for Tomsula, but more than that, it's definitive.

No, that doesn't bind the 49ers to firing Tomsula if he doesn't have a successful season, but it reveals a bit of the ... unreasonable quality we've observed in York over the course of last season and this offseason.

On top of all of that, we have all of the leaks from last year, the accusations that Tomsula was always gunning for Harbaugh's job and was himself a rat for the owners and all of the other things that were rumored, reported or simply suggested. We have players who either did or did not like Harbaugh, and I'm sure a few of the veterans didn't feel great about the way things went down either.

While this is all mere speculation, it's a interesting subplot to consider during one of the most bizarre offseasons in franchise history.

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